Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 109

Today, John and I went to lunch at Applebee's.

After lunch, I saw these birds on the power lines, near our car. There were a few on the lawn, but John chased them. He's not a very good photography buddy. He says he was trying to get them to fly, so I could take a photo. Unfortunately, that doesn't help me, as capturing birds flying, takes some skill and patience.

These two birds were in a near by tree.

Shortly after I spotted them, one flew off and I was able to photograph that.

On the way back to the house, he drove, so I got to stick my camera out of the window and take random luck photos.

This is part of the hill near our house. A few years ago, this forest area was lush, but then a crew straightened out this section of road, and the trees suffered. They look odd with branches closer to the top, vs. evenly spaced along the trunk. This is normal of trees that are close together, but these no longer are.

This is a tree near the house.

While at the house, I noticed Pippi staring at the windowsill. When I looked where she was staring, I saw this ant. Sigh, I guess it's another Spring and Summer of killing ants.


  1. I love the birds on the wire. There was a (PBS?) commercial a few years ago with birds on a wire inspiring a music composer. Such a neat idea.

  2. I love them too. It's very possible for them to inspire someone musically. If the amount of wires equals a musical scale, then the birds can represent notes. I'm going to look for that commercial you mentioned. That would be really neat to hear.