Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 106

Today, the wind was blowing the trees strongly and the clouds were moving quickly. During the day, I took a still photo and many photos to make a couple stop motion movies of the wind moving the trees and clouds.

This is while the wind was blowing. A bird was flying around. I was lucky enough to take a photo of it.

To better show how the wind effected the trees and clouds, I made two stop motion movies.

Later in the day, taking advantage of the bright sunlight, I took a photo of my long shadow. You can't see defined legs, because I was wearing a long skirt.

This is the sun blazing through the trees. Notice, the clouds have moved away.

In the evening, we all headed out to a friend's house for dinner.

On the way we stopped at a bakery for fancy breads. John went inside to buy the bread. Alex and I waited at the car. I took a photo of the pretty sunset with the cloud free sky.

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