Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 104

Since I've been taking upwards shots of the trees by placing my camera on the ground, I wanted to try the same thing, but with bushes. I will try this again in the day light, but I started at night, because I like the contrast of the green leaves against the black night sky...yeah, we'll just say that, vs. I was lazy and waited until 10pm...

This is the Camellia bush.

This is one of my neighbor's bushes.

This is the Rhododendron.

A different view of the Rhododendron.

Another bush. I don't know what kind.

Earlier in the day, Pippi's squirrel friend climbed over to the Crape Myrtle, chittered at me for Pippi and then left when Pippi (who was sleeping not in view of the squirrel) didn't answer the request. This is the squirrel staring at me intensely. It's a bit creepy, but cute...only because it's furry. I think this is the squirrel named Oscar. It isn't as afraid of humans as the other squirrels are. It lets me come really close to it for photos. It's the star of many photos in this blog.


  1. I love it when you post pictures of squirrels! <3

  2. Our squirrels are special funny characters. This one is a particular favorite. My friends have some even better ones that climb up beside you. They were trained with peanuts. I need to photograph those before the sell their house.