Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 94

We headed to DC to see Emilie Autumn and the Bloody Crumpets perform. John drove. I rode and took photos along the way. Taking photos while moving in a car is difficult, but I like a challenge. It was about 4:30pm when we left Richmond, so I enjoyed taking photos of the sun setting. Of course, I like that any time, but the change of scenery was nice.

Sun hiding behind a cloud.

Sun partially hiding.

Though this one is blurry, I do like it. Since this was taken while we were in transit and with the lighting from the sun, it works well to show motion.

I was determined to get a good shot of the sun along the tree tops. This glowing sun photo was a happy accident.

The way the sun is back lighting the trees, gives an eerie feel to this photo.

I liked being able to see the variations in clouds and the streaks from planes. The lighting showed off the majesty of the sky.

In the past, I've had good luck with taking photos looking back. Thought this doesn't show anything special with the trees, I did like the effect of the blurred and hurried road.

This is the sunset. The way this shot ended up being, makes me feel very small in comparison to the grand sky above.

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