Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 83

I normally try to post these in order of when I took them, but today will be a bit different, because the last photo I took was my favorite.

This the sunset as seen from Panera where we ate dinner. I did crop it, because our Panera, like most, is in a busy area. There were lots of signs and other distractions in the shot, that took way from the beautiful sky in the photo.

Starting at the beginning of the day, a bird...

and a squirrel were arguing. I took the photo of the bird through the sliding glass window, knowing this small bird would fly away when I went outside. I went on the balcony to photograph the squirrel as it was now yelling at me. It stayed still...minus the angry chittering...while I photographed it. It ran away when I turned around to go inside.

Later, we went to a Huguenot Park with the neighbors, so the the girls could play on the massive play ground. I took some photos. There was a plane that left a trail. Look in the right top corner.

I also liked the look of this tower (cell phone maybe?) with the tall trees and wispy clouds.

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