Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 101

Today, I did a lot of work. Then, we went out for dinner and to see "Gnomeo and Juliet".

This is the morning light at about 6am. Yep, that is when I started working.

This is a Camellia bud. This is the only one that still has pink. Since that 1st snow of Winter, this bush hasn't behaved correctly. It creates buds that die at about this stage. Normally, the buds bloom fully and then die fairly quickly. I miss my blooms.

See, this one is already dead.

This was at about 2pm. I was a passenger in the car and decided to take photos of the sun along the power line side of the road with the continuous shooting setting. Since I can't stare at the sun while photographing, how the sun photos turn out are normally a complete surprise. I like how this photo has the lines going in both directions.

This is the next photo in the series. I really like the shape of this tree. The light plays with the color, it looks like the lines are melting into the tree. Very man vs. nature.

This is another one in that series. I love seeing a large tree high above others.

Notice how the clouds in the above photos are wispy? Well at about 4pm, they had thickened. They clouds weren't thick enough to prevent the sun from showing through. My camera picked this up weird in this photo but,...

...this is how it really looked. I like both photos though. Of course, I prefer the above one, because it's a bit spookier.


  1. I especially love the spooky clouds. <3

  2. I do too. I think it's neat what can happen when my camera misfires. There is this overexposed photo of me one snow that is really creepy too.