Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 91

Today, when we woke, there was a light dusting of snow. On the way back from the bus stop, I took photos.

I liked seeing the singular dead leaves with snow on them, against the pavement.

This English Ivy leaf is partially broken. I like the contrast of the white snow against the dark green leaf. Also, the snow dusting shape on the rail is neat, since it follows the shape of the Ivy leaf.

As I was taking photos, I heard crows, so I went off looking for them. They flew off just as I got close. The formation of the trees above where is was, were pretty.

This is a gumball with snow.

On the way back to the house, I notice this mirror globe on the ground, had snow at the top. I thought this would be a nice photo for Amy of Snow Globe 365. Essentially it's snow on a globe, but still fitting. The globe is reflecting the trees and what remains of a garden. You can also see me in it a bit. There is soil on the bottom side of the globe.

I liked being able to see myself in the reflection, in my crouched pose. Whether I am taking photos of the ground or sky, I'm normally crouched. I wear flat shoes. I'm wearing my normal herringbone pattern coat and my grandmother's black faux leather gloves. Photo wise, I like the view of double globes.

This a better photo of the second globe with snow on it. This one also has dirt at the bottom. I suspect this occurs when rain splashed mud up.

When the type of weather changes, different plants are more noticeable than at other times. Today, I noticed the color of these tree leaves. I like the shape and how the snow has laid on them.

I never thought much about Fall leaves until this project. Now, I appreciate the discoloration of leaves and how weather affects the color. 


  1. Snow!! I love these (I'm sucker for close up snow pictures).

  2. I am starting to like and appreciate snow now. I had no second thoughts about being in the cold and taking snow photos. Also, I knew the snow was going to melt quickly, so my time was short.

  3. Oh, and if you click the tag "snow", you will go to all the snow posts. I started this project in November, so I've captured almost all of the snow days this Winter.