Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 89

Alex is my little sunrise detector. Sure, the sun rises every day, but special conditions (light clouds) are needed to be able to see the colors of a sunrise. She notices those, tells me, and then I photograph it. I love how she wants to be involved in this project.

Later in the morning, I was working on a costume. I needed to splatter the corset with red paint (blood splatter), so I went out to the balcony. While I was busy, I noticed squirrels playing in the yard. I was able to photograph one. This one knows how to keep it classy...

It was itchy, so it chewed on it's back...

...and gave it's self a good scratch.

Then it tested this small branch several times. I'm glad it didn't decided that branch was a suitable route, as it was very flimsy.

It gave me a stare down, before testing the branch again.

It went down the tree along the trunk and rubbed it's face cutely.

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