Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 110

Today, I woke to a crescent moon and The North Star still showing. I decided I wanted to watch them until they faded into the morning sky. This started at about 5:30am and lasted until about 7am.

I managed to get John to go on errands with me. I was the passenger, so took photos out of the window, while he drove.

This is a tree with power lines. I like how part of the photo is blurred and part is not.

There are train tracks that run beside our house. This is the section we cross over a lot, to get to other places.

I took some random photos, by just focusing and clicking. I wasn't looking at the view screen. I like how this one has the sun and a color bubble, with the tall trees.

This is another random one. I don't know what caused that bright area on the bottom left. The top right is the sun.


  1. Love the moon and stars series. <3

  2. Thanks, they've been one of my favorite things to see. Unless you are up super early, like I am, you will miss it. Taking photos, makes me able to share it any time of the day. Our world is very magical.