Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 87

As I was working on updating the last few days' posts, I noticed the sun was blazing through the window. As you all already know, you can't stare at the sun. It's so bright that it will burn your eyes. I figured that we might not be able to look at it with our unshielded eyes, but through a photo we could.

My camera was pressed up against the window. I love how there are rainbows and extra colors showing in the photos.

While Alex and I were waiting for John to get ready (finish playing a MtG game...), we went outside to take photos along the path steps.

This is a mushroom.

Alex noticed that the English Ivy leaves were different colors, so I took some photos of different leaves. I love the variations in colors.

The sun was still blazing high above when we all returned from grocery shopping. I love how rays appear in this photo.

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