Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 100

Yay, I've reached 100 days!!!! This is a photo heavy post, but that is sort of fitting. I'm making them a large size, but if you click on the photos, you will see a much large size. If there are errors with this many photos showing, please let me know.

John surprised Alex and I with a trip to Pony Pasture today. Pony Pasture is a stop along the James River. You can walk along the banks on paths. There are also areas you can climb on rocks to get closer to the water. This is great in the summer and also great if you are like me, and want to take photos. Today, there were a lot of ducks. They were very friendly and were comfortable coming close. Of course, I'm quiet and let them do what ever they want. Alex however, is loud and kept quacking at them, so I made her go play with John instead of duck watching with me. She kept making them swim away. Anyway, to start, here are a lot of duck photos and a couple stop motion movies.

This duck loved to sit on this rock. He would swim around and then waddle up on the rock.

Ducks swimming. This is a bit down river. You can also see a seagull flying. There were hundreds of them sitting on the rocks.

A bit further up river, where the rock loving duck was, there was a female one. In this photo, she is eating from the bottom of the river.

The two males were fighting over the female. Tis' the season I suppose. Their quacking made Alex quack.

Three ducks eating.

The three ducks had swam around this large rock. They used the rapids to get back over to the area they mostly stayed in. It was amusing to watch them go down the rapids.

These are the three ducks swimming.

The river upstream

The river downstream

These are seagulls on the rocks an flying.

These are some rapids. I thought a stop motion movie would show their rhythm well. 

I liked the striped in this fallen tree.

This is an overgrown bridge.

Before we got to Pony Pasture, we headed over the Huguenot bridge. I was a passenger, so I got to take photos of the beautiful river.

Heading the other way on the bridge, I took a photo of the trees lining the train tracks.

These are my two helpers. Alex (the human) helps me detect pretty sunrises. Pippi (the cat) helps me detect birds, squirrels and moths.


  1. Congrats on making it to the triple digits, that's a great milestone!

  2. Aw, thanks! Now, just to complete the other 264 days...since I already took today's photos. Thankfully Spring is soon and that will give me lots of new things to photograph.