Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 105

Today, there was rain. Before this project, I used to dread rainy days, but now I look forward to them, for the change of lighting and the reflective properties it has.

Also, the flowers are starting to bloom, which is a seasonal treat. I haven't found more than this one bloomed, but I'm sure I will find more soon.

There is lots of English Ivy that grows along the main walkway to the bus stop. The rain made it glossy and reflective.

The Camellia leaves were also glossy with rain. This one is so reflective, you can see a shadowy reflection of me at bottom of the leaf.


  1. Yay for rainy days and pretty photos!

  2. Thanks. No longer mind bad weather, because photo wise, no weather is bad.

  3. Yay! A flower! Spring is coming, spring is coming! Love the shiny ivy, too.

  4. Spring is definitely coming quickly. Saturday, we went to Maymont park and there were a lot of flowers. I will post those photos later.