Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 99

This post is in order of how the day went. I took my camera with me while doing errands, so this is also a photo heavy post. I made the photos a medium size on here, because the post is having trouble handling large photos. Click on the photos to see a larger version.

I wanted to start the day by documenting the sun rise. I don't mean just my normal view of the pinks and oranges as the sun starts to rise. I wanted to show it moving up the sky. There will be a few more later in this post of the sun later in the day. I love how bright it is even in photos, but of course safe to look at then.

One of our resident crows was perched in a tree.

There were workers repaving half of our main street, so while I was stopped I took some photos of the forest on one side of the street.

There are several smaller trees with yellow leaves, among the towering trees in this forest. It's more beautiful in person. This is private land for a juvenile correction center (jail for minors/children). Besides the kids that live on the land, there are deers too...and other normal animals.

Two of our resident squirrels were playing tag or who ever gets the nut wins. This is one of them, the victor, hanging from a tree, eating the nut. It let me get fairly close to it.

Same squirrel, further up the tree, still in possession of the nut.

I headed back out to finish my errands. I took advantage of the fact that this half if the street was blocked from traffic for a bit and drove very slow while taking photos.

The main street to get to our house is very curvy. It used to be curvier, but as you can see in this photo, part of it has been straightened and the trees are cut back along the road in this section.

It's still curvy in other parts.
I love how intense the sun is in this photo. I definitely enjoyed the 78* weather.

This is in a parking lot of one of the places I stopped at. The sky looked so beautiful.

The traffic was stopped again on the way home. It's irritating to sit still for 20 minutes 10 feet away from the road to my house. However, I got to take photos of the other side of the road, so I wasn't bored. Also, I love mentally messing with people by having a camera out while people pass.

I think this is where there is a marshy area.

I love seeing trees touching. These two remind me of a couple, snuggling.

Later in the evening, I went to dinner with a group of 365 project ladies. When I arrived home after dinner, I noticed how lovely the sky looked with the full moon. I took this photo by resting my camera against my purse, on top of my car. I used the night setting and a 2 second delay.

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