Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 79

At the start of the day, I decided to take photos.

I was watching for the sun to rise in a beautiful way, but this didn't happen. However, the bright sun pouring through the trees, provided nice contrast of the trees against the sky. I liked how the clouds showed clearly, but the trees were just black.

As I was trying to take a photo of a very bouncy Blue Jay (which you will notice no photos included in this bounced to fast...), I saw my new favorite calm bird (a Robin), eating a Holly berry from the ground.

There were lots of birdies feasting on the Holly berries. I went outside on the balcony to take better photos, but alas I scared them off by my presence. Instead, you get trees. These trees look pretty with the sun rising. This is also in the direction of the train tracks that run by the house. I plan on bribing the birds with bird seed. Yes, this might be cheating, but hey if it gets me a better variety of subject matter, I'll do it.

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