Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 77

Last night, it snowed. This morning, when I took Alex to the bus stop, I noticed the snow was in a lacy formation. It was in the process of melting. About an hour or two later, it was all gone.

This was on our steps. It's a leaf trapped under the melting snow.

This leaf is of course on top of the snow.

The top of this photo has a heart melted into the snow. I did nothing to form this. Through this project, I'm actually starting to look forward to snow, which is something that I haven't done in years.

This is snow clinging vertically to this plant.

This melting snow on the Camellia bush, looked a bit like a skull. Of course, I liked it.


  1. I love the snow pics. It doesn't snow much in my part of England, but when it did i was in awe. I read somewhere on the net that you can capture snowflakes in superglue and keep it forever... but i never managed!

  2. Thanks. We have had a lot more snow in the past 3 years than we have in decades. I look forward to it now, because it does lend it's self to interesting photos. I'm always in awe of what condition it will in when I go outside.

    I've never heard of the super glue thing, but I imagine, it would be extremely hard to do that, as snowflakes melt quickly. I'd rather try to catch one on my tongue.