Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 75

Today, the groundsmen came to collect the dead leaves. They use leaf blowers to do this. In the back yard, I watched them blow the leaves into the creek, vs actually collecting them, as they are supposed to. Blowing them into the creek can cause flow problems. However, one good rain will push the leaves down to the river eventually. I decided to take photos of the creek and the banks.

The water was so clear and still that the trees reflected nicely and the leaf covered bottom of the creek could be seen.

This is the beginning of this section of creek. It has less leaves because it's larger. I like how the trees reflect in the shaded and unshaded areas of the creek.

The moving water is clearly seen here. There is a small waterfall created by a dam of leaves.

There is a bit of a grotto area under the roots of tree. The leaves are the thickest here.

This bark on the banks was beautiful with it's many colors.

This limb was laying against a wood pile. It had many of these type of mushrooms on it.

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