Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 59

While Alex and I were waiting for her Girl Scout meeting to start, we looked at the plants around the room. We some great details in each one we looked at. I didn't have my camera with me when I dropped her off, but I brought it with me when I picked her up. So, I took some photos.

One tree had buds like reminded me of artichokes.

This other tree had a different complicated bud structure.

This is the second tree.

We found this bush. It had reddish-pink leaves, thorns and a few red berries. I would not want to be the creature who wants to eat these berries, as it would be rough to get to them.

Right after I picked Alex up, we headed to dinner at some friends' house. Before and after dinner, we played with their liter of baby rats. This is the runt, named Nut. They are all so sweet. There are a total of 16 baby rats. I cuddled with a few of at a time.

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