Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 51

Happy New Year to all! Today we went to see a movie and for frozen yogurt. These were taken in the different parking lots.

There was light green new growth on this kind of bush.

I like the texture of these bushes.

I like the color variations of the leaves on this bush.

This isn't a Holly because the leaves are lacking thorns, but the berries are similar.

I like the shape of this tree.

In the median of parking lot for the frozen yogurt shop, are many dead flowers. The brown centers and stems are all that remain. I don't normally use flash, but I've started to like the contrast effect that it causes when used. This was taken at sunset, but photos taken with that low light are blurry with my camera. Flash gives the photo more definition where needed. In this case, it also intensified the colors of the brown centers...which are not solely brown.

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