Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 56

I have been working on accessory stock all day. I also wanted to play with the contrast of night using my flash. I've never been a big fan of flash, but part of this project is playing around with the settings on my camera, so I can get better at using it. These photos aren't totally in focus, but I like the contrast of the light colored appearance of the Crape Myrtle against the dark night. These were taken from my balcony. Yes, our Crape Myrtle is a bit unruly and tall...almost as tall as the house.

It's interesting what I notice when editing photos. From one angle, you can see webs clinging to the branches. If you are having trouble seeing it, look along the center long branch.

From another angle, you can't see the webs.

This looks like two trees (minus that green bit, which is the Holly tree), but it's not. The bright section is what the flash hit 1st. The darker color what the flash hit last. The use of flash at night gives an interesting depth to the Crape Myrtle.

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