Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 53

I had been meaning to prune off the dead Camellia blooms that withered after the snows. Today, I went out to do so. I noticed while I was pruning a few, that there were new buds forming right behind the dead blooms. This is sort of like when you have a loose baby tooth and a new adult one is ready to go right behind the old one. In case you can't figure out where the new bud is, look right above the base for the dead bloom. See that little green thing. That's the new bud.

This is a new bud about to bloom.

While I was taking photos, Alex was digging in the dirt and making a pretend restaurant with leaves and walnuts. She noticed these ants coming out of a hole. I love that my camera picked up the striping on their butts.

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