Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 64

I wanted to try some more night time photo taking. This is a bit tricky because I can't tell if the camera is actually focused or not, I have to use flash and my normal macro setting. Though these photos did come out focused...for the most part..., there was a lot of negative space that wasn't super awesome. These have been cropped, so they look nicer.

This is a bush in our garden (which just has 3 bushes in's not a real garden). It has weird flowers in the Spring.

This is another bush in our "garden".

The is the Camellia bush in our "garden". So, yeah, I took photos of the three bushes in our "garden". Our garden could use some flowers. It has some rouge Monkey Grass, the occasional mushroom and the occasional baby tree.

This is a bush in our neighbor's garden (which is a REAL garden). We live in townhouses, so this is right beside my house. I've never noticed the spots on the leaves until today.

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