Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 78

Today started with a bit of disappointment. An Egret or Heron flew past our window, so I went out to take it's photo. It was snowing when I went out, so this was really a mission. I found it hiding behind some brush in the creek. I got closer to try to take a better photo, but it flew off and I couldn't find it again. This disappointment was rectified by a friend telling me that we will go to a part of the river that they are at and I can take photos there on a different day. This makes me very happy. Photos of those bird will of course be in a different post.

What did improve the photographs for today, was that pesky Cardinal. It actually stayed still long enough to photograph a lot! I'm very excited by this, as it's my favorite bird aside from Carrion birds.

This lovely Cardinal stared at me for a bit, but was also looking around at other things.

Same Cardinal

Same Cardinal, flying off.

Song Sparrows are very common here. I finally got a photo of one.

Same Song Sparrow

As I was looking for the Egret/Heron, I saw this large root ball that had moss growing on it.

Snow was falling while I was outside on my Egret/Heron search. Here is a bush with some snow on it.


  1. Love the shot of the Cardinal flying off! Good eye!

  2. That was a total accident. I was taking lots of photos of him and he flew away just as I was taking a shot.