Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 68

Last night, it rained and I took photos then of the ice clinging some plants. However, it was dark, so I couldn't see very well past the area I was in...our front yard. While I was driving to the post office this morning, I noticed that the trees were covered in ice. When I got back, I took some photos in our neighborhood and yard of some of the frozen plants.

This is ice in a drop formation on a tree branch.

This is ice covering the bud and limb. The whole tree was like this. Some areas, like above, had frozen drops.

While I was taking photos of one tree, I heard a crow caw above me. I looked up to see it perched in a barren tree. Hopefully you can spot the bird amongst the limbs.

The leaves and branches of this bush are encased in ice.

The pine needles on all the pine trees were weighted heavy with ice.


  1. ice. ftw. what a moment to capture.
    [of course now my head is singing iceicebaby]

  2. Yep. Now I know what "freeing rain" is.

    I might have that song in my head every time I photograph ice.

  3. i apologize in advance for the song. but i hope you get more cool ice photos! i am not in the part of the west coast that has to deal with icy winter :)

  4. Ah, so this is really something different for you. I'm in Virginia, which is of course on the East Coast where we have snow and ice in the Winter and the beginning of Spring. One day, perhaps I'll make it to the West Coast, but later this year we are going to FL for a vacation, so that will be a different eco system, which will be a nice change.

  5. the west coast would love you. good luck in Florida :)
    i spent years in Chicago, but the ice never looked that obligingly beautiful.

  6. I'm glad you captured this. It was so beautiful and I was without my camera. I love how you commit your time daily to commune with nature.

  7. Grow - I think maybe it always looked like this, but I've never taken the time to look, until now.

    Amy - It was a really beautiful morning. The trees were glistening with the ice. I do enjoy my little times with nature. It's like discovering the Earth for the first time.