Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 54

Today, our daughter woke us up asking me to take photos of the sunrise. It was gorgeous, so of course I obliged. She refers to the sunrise as the nature show now. I love how this project has affected her. She looks at nature much differently now.

This is a Japanese Maple. The leaves are fading from their radiant red to this pale color.

I was snuggling with Pippi when she suddenly freaked out at what was in the Holly tree. To my surprise it was an owl. I knew we had an owl in our neighborhood (I've mostly heard it at night), but haven't gotten a good view of it. This isn't an excellent photo. In fact, I had to alter the contrast and sharpness so you all could see it better. It was facing away from me. Then, it turned around. As soon as it saw me, it flew away.


  1. Oh wow, that is a sunrise worth waking up for! Gorgeous shot!

  2. I willingly rolled out of bed quickly at 7am for it. The sunrise glow was already fading as I was photographing it.