Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 60

There is supposed to be an ice storm tonight, so I went out to photograph the area around our steps before they are ice covered.

This is a leaf that is caught vertically on our 1st step. We have railroad ties and concrete for our steps. The leaf is caught on a railroad tie.

These are pieces of ice melting on one of the railroad tie steps.

I like the bubble in this ice.

While i was photographing things on the ground, I noticed how lovely the trees looked when I looked up. I was sitting on the ground at the time. These are the trees that are on either side of the path to our house.

I wanted to take sort of an animals' eye view of the trees to the front side of the other trees.


  1. for real, i love tree silhouettes so much. thank you for more of them :)
    peace, grow

  2. We have some great trees here and I love taking tree silhouettes.