Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 58

After a baby shower in the city for a friend, I took some photos while walking towards my car. I noticed these little plants growing from this section of wall for yard. There were many different kinds. Again, it's amazing what I notice now, because I'm looking for it.

I liked this star shaped or flower shaped one.

There were many clusters of moss along this section of wall. It's very delicate, intricate and pretty.

I noticed more little "hairs" on this plant. I looked up info on hairs of plants, so I could learn a bit about what I saw in different plants.

The buds on this kind tree (there was a line of this kind of tree) are bulbous and a whitish grey color. I liked the shape of the buds with the twisting branches.


  1. Hey Abby!
    I love the photo of the tree. I'm a sucker for a great tree silhouette. It sorta reminds me of the doodle I posted today, oddly.
    I've added your blog to my reader to follow your documenting of the seasons.

  2. I'm a sucker for one too. I love the way they look against the sky. You doodle does sort of look like the photo. I love seeing trees with little buds for leaves and more branches. Without leaves, it's a beautiful tree skeleton. Thanks for adding my blog.