Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 170

Today, we started our 9 day vacation. We left at 4am. The first leg stretching stop was in SC at a rest stop with a welcome center.

For lunch, we went to Uncle Buba's in Savannah, GA. Then, we walked around Forsyth Park before embarking on the next part of our long drive for the day.

These small birds were eating from the grass along the street we parked on.

The sun was shining bright through the oak trees. Oak trees by the ocean are different than those by us. Salt water causes the tree branches to twist as they grow. They also have Spanish moss growing on them. This is common along the Southern coast.

This pet bunny was relaxing in the busy park. It was on a leash and wasn't nervous around the large amount of people at the chalk festival. Since it's a pet, it doesn't fit with my normal wild creatures. However, it was surprisingly very calm for a bunny in a busy park with lots of dogs.

We headed to Jacksonville, FL for the evening. After checking into our hotel at the Mayo Clinic (I kid you not), we headed for the near by beach.

Like most beaches, there were seagulls. I love the reflective qualities of the water on the sand.

John found this on the beach. John thinks it's a jelly fish. I thought it might be a boob implant.. I know, I'm the gorey one. Either way, it was neat looking. I wasn't allowed to poke it.

The receding water caused ripples in the sand. Darker sand was deposited in the valleys of the ripples. Because the wet sand was so reflective, the setting sun glowed brightly on it.

This is what the sand looks like as it absorbs the remaining receding water.

This is what the sand looks like from being walked on by many people. It's like small dunes.

While walking back to the car, I saw these tall pink flowers...

...and these cactus flowers.

We wanted to eat dinner at the beach. An irony of Jacksonville is all the bars that line the beach. Given that the Mayo Clinic (best known as an addiction rehab) is located in Jacksonville, FL, the large amount of bars must keep them in business with some locals too. Since, we couldn't find a suitable place at the beach to eat dinner with Alex, we went in search of somewhere else. On the way to find a suitable spot, I took a photo of the setting sun. We found Gumbo Yaya. It's a small place with wonderful New Orleans food. Very delicious and worth the search.

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