Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 157

Today, we ventured to Outback for lunch and then came back to the house, because John had to work later.

This little insect was on a leaf of our azalea bush.

At Outback, there was one rose on this bush. It was hidden, nestled among the thorny branches.

They had large clumps of tall beach type grass. This is an upshot of that.

When we returned, John noticed this little inch worm. He was holding it by it's string, but because that's hard for my camera to focus on, he placed it on a porch wall.

One of our bushes started growing buds. This one has unusual flowers later, which of course you all will see when that happens.

While venturing into our front yard that we share with one neighbor, I noticed how nice the dogwood trees looked backlit by the evening sun.

These bushes line one side of the front yard.

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