Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 147

Today, I took photos while Alex and the neighbor girl played and learned about different nature things.

The blooms on the white Dogwood tree finally opened fully.

These white flowers are high up on this tree.

The red Tulip by the bus stop, opened up. I love the contrast of the colors inside.

The girls and I were impressed with this ant carrying a flower bud.

These are two huge black bees flying high up. The ripples are due to this photo being taken through my 40 year old vaulted living room window.


  1. This is my favorite time of year, so much growing and blooming! The people who owned our home before us planted tons of red tulips like the one in this post. I love how black the center is, and that even the pollen is black. I'm not sure I had ever seen black pollen before.

  2. Until this project, I never noticed how large the variety of plants were that are here. We live in a townhouse, and many of our neighbors have small gardens. A lot of them, like yours, are inherited by past residents. I didn't know that the inside of the red tulips were black, until I was able to look inside of this one. In the morning, it was closed back up, which fascinated the girls and me.