Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 144

Today, I decided to look around the neighborhood to find new growth.

There were two types of fallen branches on the path. The branches had buds on them.

This tree has small red flowers on them. I'm curious if they will open and change shape.

Of the three Tulips that had started to grow by the bus stop, this was the only one that survived to form a bloom. This bloom hasn't opened yet.

There are three large Azaleas with small buds on them. I'm keeping watch of them for more growth, as these particular bushes in this area, are very hardy.

I like how the sun glows through these particular leaves.

When Alex came home, I noticed she had these buttercups in her pocket, from school.

Later in the evening, there was a large bug thumping on the window. I managed to get a clear photo of it, after many tries. This is apparently some sort of beetle


  1. Thanks. The subjects were all random surprises.

  2. Those pink buds look like the ones on our ornamental cherry. If that's what they are, they will be big and fluffy in a few days. Such a pretty flower. Love the locust, too!

  3. The buds could be that. I can't pin point what tree they are coming from. I'm going to edit the "locust" identification, as it's apparently not a locust.