Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 145

Today was rainy, like many spring days here. There are a lot of plants opening and more birds arriving daily.

I'm not sure what type of tree this is. It's not a Japanese Maple. The leaves of this one are bright green and maroon.

The Tulip at the bus stop is opening.

The plants that started at purple shoots, are spiraled with large leaves. There was a seed pod nestled in these wet leaves.

The leaves of the Japanese Maple, have finished opening.

The other day, I noticed how reflective the wet cars were. Today, I remembered to take a photo of the trees reflected on the hood of this black SUV.

These yellow flowers grow along one side of the stair way of the path to our house.

Pippi was meowing at this Common Redpole in the holly tree.

Later in the morning, I followed John to the airport to drop off his rental car. The rain started pouring again. While stopped, I took a photo of a tree through the rain streaked passenger side window.

After dropping off the car and eating breakfast, we headed back home. John drove, while I took photos of trees reflecting in the side mirror and window. In the window, you can see my hand holding the camera

A couple days ago, two mourning doves arrived. They have been trying to get in the house through a large high window that can't open. Silly birds. I love their cooing. I think this is a male and female, as the look slightly different from each other.

I think this is the female. The other one is trying to get inside, while she sits still. I hope she is pregnant. I'm looking forward to baby birds.


  1. I adore the SUV hood shot and the rainy window shot.

    Mourning dove mating rituals are fun to watch, do you think that's what was going on? If they do mate and build a nest, I hope you can find the location of the nest so you have the chance to see them switch shifts - both of them take turns sitting on the eggs!

  2. I love those rainy photos too. I'm glad they came out so well. Taking those sort of experimental photos don't always come out as nice as imagined.

    I think they were definitely looking for a place to make a nest. I didn't see them yesterday, so I will assume they found a place to make one. They are the only two doves I've seen, so they are definitely a pair, vs doing a mating ritual. There are several birds that have made nests around here. I'm hoping a couple make use of the old nest on our back light. I didn't remove it last year, because John tried to remove it not realizing it was being used, so I've been paranoid since. Thankfully, he stopped when he heard baby birds chirping.