Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 168

A lot of early spring plants are dying shortly after they bloomed. However, there are new plants blooming and growing. There were lots of creatures today.

I found this tiny butterfly while taking flower photos

The white azaleas in our yard are wilting. They have had lots of rain and sun, but it's their nature to die quickly.

The dogwood blooms have mostly dropped off all at once, regardless of variety or when they bloomed. Very odd.

These are dying pink azaleas.

These flowers have grown paler overall, in color.

The center has changed in this flower.

This bush has recently grown new leaves.

This bush in our yard, has sprouted pink buds.

This chipmunk stood still for a while.

I took a step forward and it ran into this hole. I waited patiently and it poked back out of the hole.

There have been major storms in the area, but we have had light sporadic rain. Since we have a sky of thick clouds and clear sky, when the sun set, the clouds turned pink and purple.

John found this little frog for me. I tried to take clear photos without flash, but they weren't clear. I had to use flash, to pick up it's details, like the warts and blue spots.

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