Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 153

Today, I went to the post office and grocery store with Alex. Then, we took a short walk in our neighborhood to look at the trees with baby leaves.

The sky was beautiful by the post office.

When we went to the grocery store, there was this duck couple. They didn't seem to mind the people.

This is the sky at the grocery store.

When we got home, we went on a walk. The trees have sprouted leaves, and were a vivid bright green. It's hard to see the bright green against the cloudy sky, but you can see the leaves forming.


  1. Thanks. I wish I had noticed how choppy the panoramic was, when I took the photo, so I could retake it smoother. However, it still looks nice with the coloration.

  2. Your super-narrow crops are really interesting!

  3. Thanks. They actually aren't cropped. They are panoramics. I used a setting on my camera that requires me to move the camera in a line while it takes photos. Then, it puts all the images together, in a long panoramic photo. If you look at the first one, at the top of the image, you can see the top of a tree. It's also a choppy panoramic (because I accidentally didn't take it smooth enough), so you can see the lines of the images where they are put together for the panoramic. Normally, if I take the photo right, you couldn't see those lines. And now you know something about panoramics. Click on the "Panoramic" tag at the bottom of the post and you can see some others I've taken.