Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 161

Today's photos were taken looking out through some windows in my house.

I woke up to foggy bedroom windows. Since the dogwood and other trees have new growth, I though this fog would make a nice natural defuser. 

I looked down on the bedroom window sill, to see this little ant. I took it's photo before smooshing it. We have an ant problem every Spring and Summer. Sadly, I have to smoosh all of the ants I find, so less come in.

This is a Common Redpole chirping in Crape Myrtle tree. 

This colorful insect was on the living room window.

Later in the evening, a large moth graced Pippi and I with it's presence. I wasn't able to take a clear photo of it, because it was moving quickly and taking clear insect photos at night is hard work. I like the moth shadow this photo shows with the moth.

This is my fuzzy moth hunting assistant Pippi with her "prey".

This insect was clinging to the window. It stayed still for a while, until I started taking photos. Flash bothers insects, but it's the only way I can take clear insect photos at night.

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