Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 148

Today I walked around the parking lot a bit to check out some new growth

This is a small bush by our house. A few days ago, it just had tiny red buds, but now there are clusters of flowers blooming.

There are three of these trees along the wall of the first house by the entrance to our section. They have large pink flowers and buds on them. We think they are a taller version of a camellia bush.

By those trees is a white Dogwood tree. The blooms were too high up for me to get a nice close up, but I like this photo better anyway.

By the large rocks are a couple of these trees. I like the shape and texture of the buds with the fuzzy leaves.

Below the trees, around the rocks, are these wild flowers. If you look closely, there is an ant on the front flower.

While I was walking back towards my house, I noticed these red flowers on a couple trees in my front yard. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were red and pink Dogwood trees. Until I saw Noah's recent photos of his red/pink Dogwood trees, I didn't realize they came in different colors than white.

This is an up view of the pink ones.

A closer comparison of the two colors of flowers on the trees. Beside the pink one (on the right) is a white Dogwood. I love knowing that I have three different colors of Dogwood trees.

A close up of the pink. The flowers around it are from the red tree and the pink one.

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