Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 128

We went to the West End to go to Hobby Lobby, which is new to our area. After shopping, we went to eat lunch and ice cream.

This median strip had yellow daffodil and pansies at the end.

There were birch trees along the sidewalks.

As we were driving back to the Southside, I took a photo of the river from the bridge we crossed. 

The sun was glowing nicely through these trees.

The sun was setting behind us.

Earlier in the day, my sweet husband bought me a new camera, a Canon Power Shot. I saved using it for the evening, as I knew there was going to be a large full moon, known as a "Super Moon". My old camera isn't capable of taking clear photos of the moon, easily. This camera is.

This is from my balcony. It took a few tries, but I got the camera to focus nicely where the branches right in front of the moon showed up. These branches were far away from the house. I'm impressed with the power and clarity of this camera.

The camera has a "hand held twilight" setting. It rapidly takes 6 photos in low light and then make one clearer shot. This prevents the blurring that taking night photos without a tripod, can create.

This is from the parking lot. I love how powerful the camera is. It picked up stars too!


  1. Nice! I love that your husband bought you a new camera. There is nothing like someone supporting your passions!

  2. The moon shots came out beautifully! I'm sure you will have many more fabulous shots as you play with the new camera!

  3. Amy - He bought it as an early Mother's Day and B-day present. We're going to FL in a few weeks, so he wanted me to be able to take pretty photos there and here. I'm glad he supports my project. Also, not he doesn't have to hear me complain about how the old one isn't picking up colors or focusing right. Alex is going to use my old one now, so I can teach her some photography things. Both camera conveniently fit in my camera bag.

    Zeenic, thanks. Yes, I already have some great bird shots, which I will try to post today.

  4. Congrats on the new camera! I also loved hearing about how supportive your husband is. The moon shots are great!

  5. Thanks! I'm happy with how the moon shots came out.