Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 133

After Alex headed to school on the bus, I walked around and took more photos of new plant growth.

These are new leaves on a Dogwood tree. The leaves were wet with rain.

This is a Dogwood tree in our front yard. I like seeing the concentrated colors of the flowers as they grow larger. 

I wanted to play with the panoramic setting to better photograph the trees.

This is from my neighbor's house (connected to mine) to the trees on the other side of us.

Same trees, but different angle of panning.

These trees are ones I've photographed a lot in the past, but never in this perspective. These trees cross over the main path to my house.

This robin was nestled in a pine tree. The camera is focused on the pine tree, so the robin is a bit hidden. It's like the "Where's Waldo" of bird photos...sort of.

These bushes have small yellowish buds. They might be berries later. I'm not sure.

This bush has small pink and cream flower buds.

About an hour later, the sun shown brightly, making the creek glisten.

Then a few minutes later, we had a quick (about 10 minutes long) hail and rain storm. After it passed, a Common Redpole landed in the holly tree This was taken though a rain drop laden window. 

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