Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 111

Today, I was working on projects.

On the way back from the bus stop, with Alex, I noticed there were three crows in the trees along our path. We stopped, so I could photograph them.

Two had flown away, so I had Alex walk towards the last, a bit, so I could photograph it flying.

I noticed another flower starting to come out of the ground.

At night, Pippi (our cat) likes to play "Pippi vs. Moth" and frantically follow the moth along the window as it flies. Tonight, there were three moths, so she was extra frantic.

Up close, these are a lot freakier looking than in real life. They didn't like the red focus light or the flash.

All the flashing light, annoyed this spider, that came out to see what was going on. Upon using the light on it, it ran off to hide. Yes, there is this funky spider web on our window. The dots are paint splatter from the painters that came a few months ago.

Another moth

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