Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 129

Today, I wanted to try out my new camera in some old and new ways.

I like taking photos of the sun. This is the sun back-lighting the Holly tree. This is much clearer than with the old camera, though I still like the bleeding white style too.

We went to the city to have brunch with friends.

This is a Magnolia tree.

After brunch, John, Alex and I went to the Mayo Bridge to take photos.

I think these are Dandelions before blooming.

This is a panoramic view of the city, James River and Mayo Bridge from a river wall. The man on the right, is my husband. Click on the photo to see a much clearer and larger photo.

These were buds from a tree in the center of the ramp to get to and from the wall.

This is a panoramic view of the James River, Mayo Bridge and the city, from the Mayo Bridge. Again, you can see a larger photo, if you click on this photo.

If you look in the above photo, to the left right beyond the wall, there are birds on a rock. My camera is so powerful, that when I zoomed in on the birds, I was able to take this rather clear photo of them. I couldn't see this amount of detail normally.

These are the rapids behind the birds.

There was an field with many of these dead plants.

After the bridge, we went to my parents' house to pick up something and show my dad the new camera. John pointed out this cardinal. I took it this photo through a glass door and screen, so it's blurry. I wasn't able to try for a clearer photo, before the bird few away.

Alex and I waited in the car while John bought some groceries. I took this photo of the white blooming trees and this pretty cloud.

At our house, I noticed these plants had started to grow again. They are odd and one of my favorite wild plants that grow on our hill.

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