Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 131

There were some new plants that formed recently.

This tree (maybe overgrown bush) has these large pink flowers.

This bush has yellow flowers. They are wet due to recent rain.

I've seen these plants in various sizes. This one was about the size of a plate.

This is the tree tops, taken with the panoramic setting.

This is a view of the trees, moving the camera vertical. The trees at the top are on the other side of the parking lot, from the ones at the bottom.


  1. The one with the trees at the top and bottom is amazing!

  2. Thanks. I really like that one too. I'm going to try this style again, with trees that are closer to touching. Hopefully, I can get a photo that starts at the bottom of one tree and ends at the bottom of the other. These give me vertigo some times.