Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 11

Today, we woke up to a thick fog. I took some photos of the backyard through our windows.

This is the Holly tree and another tree, viewed from the living room. If you look at past posts, you will notice there are other trees and neighbors beyond what you can see in this photo. I liked how mystical the fog looked.

This other two are from the bed room window. I tried to angle the camera up as much as I could without photographing the window edge. I love how dark the bottom looks in comparison to the top of the photo. In reality, everything was equally lit, but my camera is odd and didn't capture the light that way. Had the photo not turned out so dark at the bottom, you would be able to see the train tracks that run beside the house.

I like the different colors the leaves have, based on the type of tree and at what point of decay they are at. I also like the layers of trees from the foreground to background and at which point the background is faded to white from the fog.

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