Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 15

I was at my parents' house today for another round of kitty duty. I decided to poke around and take photos of some of their other plants.


Light Pink and Light Green Hydrangea
This plant is starting to brown in parts. This is sort of neat because the brown petals are transparent.

This is an underside view angled up, so the transparency is more evident.

While I was busy taking photos, this little bug showed up. It knew I was above it, because it kept moving back and forth. I like the purple and pink tones of the bug. Perhaps this flower is it's home.

It looked at me, so I snapped this photo.

These are the flowers that are normally in my parents' window boxes, but since dad is repainting the house, they are on the stone wall.

They have a few great pine trees. I didn't want to walk to the back or side yards to take photos. This is mostly because those areas are dark. This tree in the front yard, still had a few pine trees.

This is the Camellia at our house. The blooms are opening up more. The quickness of the blooming cycle is also due to the daily rain we have had.

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