Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 10

Today, we went to Belle Isle as a group outing. I took a lot of photos, here are some of my favorites. There are photos of the James River, trees and plants. Most of the photos are landscapes, but there are some close up ones, like I normally do.

James River view from part of the North Bank

Fern like plant

The Robert E. Lee Bridge, with a walking bridge below it. We have to take the walking bridge to get the island...isle.

View of the James River from the walking bridge

Trees on the isle

More trees

View of the river from part of the south bank of the isle.

This is a view of the main path along the south bank.

A view of the James River. If you look at the other side of the river, you will see little buildings at the top and ones to the right. The ones at the top are Hollywood Cemetery and the ones to the right are the old Tredegar Ironworks.

Belle Isle Quarry Pond

A tree near the picnic tables

James River
The water level is under 5 feet. Therefor, the rocks show more than the water does at certain this area. I liked how the trees reflected in the pool of water.

Same area of river, but a different view of it.

Fallen leaves in the valley of a large rock

These looked like they were made from paper.

Purple waxen flowers
If you look closely, you will see an animal hair on end of the flowers.

White Dandelion

Purple spiky flower

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