Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 12

I know today will seem like a repeat, but as I have mentioned before, some of the plants develop fast when they are starting to bloom and I like to photograph those stages of growth. My Camellia is the fastest to change. It's currently in bloom and the blooms fade quickly. There will be more photos of this bud to bloom to decaying process, in quick succession of each other. This is just how this plant works. Still, it's very pretty.

The Rhododendron isn't in bloom. In fact, the buds last for months. It will be a few months before it flowers. However, because when it blooms, there are so many flowers per bud, the buds grow very large. Expect a few more photos of the size change in these artichoke looking buds.

This isn't fully open. I love seeing the petals spread open.

I thought it was interesting that there is a fuzz on the edges of the petals. Because of the pale color, it's hard to tell that there are petal edges at the tip of the bud. Remember, I've been observing this plant for years now and my camera doesn't pick up the high detail that the human eye can.

This one also has some fuzz. The petals are bit better defined at the tip, but still it's not as detectable as say, the 1st photo above.

This is a Rhododendron bud. The green is leaves, not flower parts, unlike the Camellia. When this Rhododendron blooms, in each of these leaf sections will be a flower. It's amazing to see something so large and beautiful come from such a complex bud.

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