Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 40

This morning (yes, I know these don't look like morning, but it was past midnight, so technically today), there was a lunar eclipse. I have learned that I need a tripod when using the night setting. Also figuring out if I can set my camera up with the telescope (again tripod would be needed) would prevent blurry photos. I digress, I tried to take some awesome photos. The 1st two photos are of the full moon.

The last two are of stages of the eclipse. We never did see it complete, but it was very red by the time there was a slice left, so we felt like we still got to experience the glow.
No there aren't 3 moons...again, I need a tripod and to hook up my telescope. However, this grainy photo does show the red of the lunar eclipse and the sliver of glowing moon.

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