Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 31

As I have mentioned before, there is a large Holly tree right behind our house. This morning, Pippi (our cat) was being frantic while looking out the window. She was squeaking and making small meows. I saw 30-40 Robins eating berries off the tree. The nice thing about these birds (photo related) is that they like to sit still for a few minutes. This makes for nice photos, but they don't all sit still for that long or they do and I have trouble photographing them before they fly away. The odd cast to these photos is due to them being taken through a 40 year old glass window.

I was sorting through my photos and noticed I had taken this one of one in flight. I did crop this photo, so the flying bird stood out better, but other than cropping, I didn't alter the photo.

I'm really happy this one came out so clear. You can obviously see the two Robins, but you can also see the berries of the Holly tree.

This one is a bit more hidden, but not enough where you can't tell where the bird is. I like that the berries show up clear in this photo too.

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