Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 35

Today it snowed again. Technically, it's still Fall/Autumn, but I feel that December 1st, is the beginning of Winter. This 4th snow should validate that. Winter Solstice/the start of Winter is December 21st.

This is the best photo of the snow falling. I took it inside, as I was finishing up work when the snow started.

As I was working, I noticed this bright red male Cardinal in the Holly tree. I would have gotten a better photo, but it kept moving higher up and farther back in the tree. The female was also in the tree, but she was hiding, so I couldn't photograph her well.

Around 2pm, Alex and I bundled up and ventured to the back yard. I took photos while Alex played.

This is a Pine tree. I'm not sure of the type, but it's not the type with needles.

These are some blue berries that were hanging on a tree. The trees I saw had many clusters of them. I had never noticed these before, but that is something I have learned to look for when photographing nature. I'm always surprised by how much I miss when I don't look closely at my surrounding.

I liked these eaten leaves against the tall trees in the back ground. Also the one with multiple holes reminds me of a skull.

The pond from the runoff has ice on this section. The bottom right flows into a creek and only the mouth of that had ice. I found this ice odd. However, it was pretty with the layers of colors due to vegetation and pond scum.

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