Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 177

Today we woke to a thick fog. After a few hours, the fog started to lift.

This is at about 9:45am.

Since, rain ruined our fun yesterday, we headed back to Brookgreen Gardens today. We focused on the garden area.

Ferns are growing on the break of the oak trees.

The squirrels here are larger than the ones at home.

These flowers varied in colors.


I love how the thick leaves of this plant cradled the water from the rain and created rounded drops.

These vines were growing through each hole of this wall.

Ivy was growing all over the bottom of this tree meeting the Spanish moss from the top of the tree.

There was a whole section of trees like this.

Moss growing between the stones of a walkway

Many fountains and pools of water had water lilies and pads growing in them.

Last year, we visited in August and there were HUGE grasshoppers there, called lubbers. This year, we visiting in May and the lubbers were still tiny. However, we found them in large clusters.


Lizard trying to blend into the leaf

A baby lubber and a few pals

Bubbles occurred naturally from a small waterfall.

There were several turtles on this circle. I liked the turtle with it's feet dangling and the one with it's feet tucked in. John and Alex let me take lots of photos of the turtles, close to the pond, before reading the "Beware of alligators and snakes" sign. Thankfully, we saw none of those.

Dragonfly on lily pad


  1. What an awesome day of captures!

  2. Thanks! It helps that the gardens are very beautiful and wondrous.