Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 171

Today, we drove to Saint Augustine, FL and to Orlando, FL.

There are many marshes along the southern coast.

The clouds were fluffy and abundant. Yet, the weren't any storms, which is different than where we live.

While walking around historic Saint Augustine, I took lots of photos. There are lot of private gardens by shops and a fort to explore.

Oak tree with Spanish moss


Vines growing on a wall in a garden

Sun through the canopy of trees in a garden


Flower box

These were in the garden of Columbia.

These white flower vines were growing along the front of a cafe.

We went to explore the fort. This is the a view of the river beside the fort wall.

These are plants growing the the top of the fort wall. You can walk and sit on the wall. The wall is made from cement and oyster shells.

There were a few plants growing in the shallow water along the river.

There were pigeons on the fort wall.

The tide was crashing along the sand of the fort wall.

After sitting on the fort wall for a bit, we walked across the field on the way to our car.
There were a few pretty wild plants growing.

When we got to Orlando, we went in search of food. We went to Downtown Disney. I was exhausted by now and the overwhelming amount of people took the last of my energy. I relaxed outside while John and Alex got dinner.

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