Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 176

This morning, we woke in Myrtle Beach, SC to a bright sun shine over the ocean.

We decided to go to Brookgreen Gardens, to see their beautiful landscape, butterflies and animals.

Monarch caterpillar chewing on the stalk of a milkweed plant. Only one leaf remained, of 30 plants.

Monarch caterpillar

Moss on one of the oldest oak trees

As we were about enter the first aviary with our guide, he pointed out a copperhead snake that was trying to escape us. I was surprised at how non-violent this very poisonous snake was.

In and outside of the aviary were many of these regional birds. I like the reflection this one casts on the water.

In the butterfly house, were a few butterflies. They were not very active, because by the time we got there, the rain had started.

This is a freshly emerged Monarch butterfly next to it's cocoon. If you look closely at the other two cocoons, you will see wings.

Male cardinal

Female cardinal

Storm clouds over the ocean

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